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Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

Sent in by Mike Waters After Billy and Jimmy whoop the winged warrior, he kneels as a lightning bolt comes down and strikes him. These aren't his exact words, but here's basically what he says: "I will leave you with the legend of the dragon (or maybe it's shadow): if the shadow spreads, the evil will rise again. If 2 dragons soar through the sky, an angel will fall to the earth. Soon I will die and you will join me. Farewell, double dragons. Ha, ha, ha..." A picture of Billy follows in the corner and this text is displayed: "The mysterious warrior died, leaving no clue as to what his last words meant. But Billy and Jimmy felt that their revenge was complete... for now." Next screen: "If 2 dragons soar through the sky, an angel will fall to the earth." That night an angel came to Billy and Jimmy and brought Marian to them, alive and well. We see Marian lying down and she opens her eyes as new music plays. Billy's and Marian's pictures are shown with the credits, then Billy and Marian hug before it says "The End". This ending can only be seen in Supreme Master mode, as level 9 can only be accessed at this difficulty.
Sent in by Rey

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