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Dizzy The Adventurer

Sent in by Mike Waters This game is a true test of one's problem solving skills as you must pass through a big chain of events before awakening Daisy. You must collect all 50 stars in the game and open the door to save her. She awakens and exchanges some dialogue with Dizzy - I know for sure this isn't exact, but I will be as close as I can with it. Daisy: "Where am I?" Dizzy: "Daisy! Don't you remember? We were chasing Pogie when..." Daisy: "Oh yes! I pricked my finger on the spinning wheel." Dizzy: "Oh Daisy!" Daisy: "Oh Dizzy!" Dizzy: "Oh Daisy!" Daisy: "Oh Dizzy!" Dizzy: "We'd better get out of here before Zaks catches us. Some dialogue then pops up, telling that Dizzy and Daisy escaped from the castle as Zaks watched furiously in his crystal ball. His castle shook and the sky darkened as he shouted out, "I'll get you yet, Dizzy, if it's the last thing I do!" But Dizzy will be there to defend the Yolkfolk from whatever Zaks has in mind next. Dizzy and Daisy return to the village of the Yolkfolk and tell them of their adventure and how they defeated Zaks - at least, for now. Then a colorful screen comes up, which I would wish Nintendo's licensees luck in trying to recreate, with Dizzy, Daisy, and I believe Grand Dizzy all scrolling up the left side of the screen, the status bar up top telling your score, with the name of the room being "Daisy's Free". To the right of the 3 scrolling Yolkfolk are 3 windows, one with a big The End in it, a second window saying, "Congratulations! You have completed Dizzy The Adventurer. We hope you have as much fun with the other Dizzy games.", and the third window telling the credits, which consist of 3 people (I didn't write down the names, or else they would be easy to identify). This is all on a screen with a blue sky and green grass. The graphics and sound throughout the game are just as Codemasters would say: "Absolutely Brilliant!", thanks to the Aladdin Deck Enhancer.

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