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Sent in by Jared Solovay After you defeat Dyna, it shows you placing Crystalis into the reactor. In the dialogue box above, it says: "Confirmed meltdown... self-destruct has been initiated." Mesia runs to you from the bottom of the screen and shouts your name. You shout her name, and she asks, "Did you get hurt?" You reply, "No, I'm fine." Mesia says, "The danger is now over [your name]..." You reply, "It would be nice to rest easy from now on, without the threat of evil at our backs." Then it says: "Final countdown initiated... Evacuate... Explosives activated... Evacuate... 30... 29... 28... 27..." Your character says, "Time to leave!" and Mesia responds, "I'm with you..." The scene flashes in red and an alarm bell sounds as the two run offscreen together. The scene shifts to gray clouds in the sky. Blue lightening scrolls downward and strikes the Tower in the Sky, causing it to sink. Music plays and this text appears against a black background: "Now, this legendary conflict along with the people's despair have ultimately ended... [Your name] & Mesia two fearless youths we can never forget... This will be a legend forever remembered to maintain peace and humanity... And peace will remain..." The credits then play, along with pictures based on the game. Finally, we see a large picture of your character and Mesia standing on a ledge overlooking a forest with mountains in the distance, as the Tower descends earthward. It drops beyond the mountains, and it says "The End."
Sent in by Rey

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