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Crusader: No Regret

Sent in by Michael Harrison Dios After the silencer kills Draygan, the base is about to explode. So then the silencer automatically goes through a passage way and ends up in a runway and gets in an airplane and flies away. Then you get a Data Link Message from your comrades: Shepherd: You're a hell of a one man army silencer. Professor Sekada: Captain, all these people are finally free thanks to you. Colonel Ely: But I'm afraid that President Gauthier is still at large, and won't rest while we're dismantling the WEC... Ely out! (Silencer switches of Data Link and says: Thanks.. Then the screen changes to a picture of yourself in the newspaper with a headline saying something about yourself at the top. Then the screen switches to the news saying something like: Earlier today, the mining base on the moon was destroyed. Many innocent people were killed during the explosion. But, during the explosion, a tragic disaster was noticed: Chairman Nathaneil Draygan was killed during that explosion. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Then the screen fades out and the credits start with some nice music. But during the credits it shows the silencer walking in a field of grass with the sun rising in the background Then after the credits: The screen fades out and it switches to a screen with text in the upper left corner saying: Presented by Ultra Games and the crusader: No regret logo in the center and the Ultra games logo in the lower left corner...Then all you can do is press Start and restart the game or turn off the power.

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