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Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers 2

Sent in by Jared Solovay After you defeat Fatcat Robot, you get the typical end of level screens--a Stage Clear screen tallying what you've collected, and a bonus game. Then we see Monterey Jack, Chip and Dale talking inside Fatcat's secret headquarters. Monterey says, "The ceiling! She's giving way!" Chip says, "Go find cover, everyone! Dale and I will track Fatcat!" Monterey replies, "Take care of yourselves!" We see Chip and Dale walking through the headquarters and then the scene shifts outdoors, where Monterey and Gadget look at the ruined headquarters in the distance. Monterey says, "Chip and Dale are trapped inside! We've lost the lads forever." The two chipmunks enter from offscreen and this dialogue ensues: "Gadget: Chip! Dale! Thank goodness you're safe! Chip: We almost didn't make it! Dale: And we never did capture Fatcat. He must still be trapped inside. Gadget: But if I know Fatcat, he had his escape well planned. Monterey: Well, if nothing else, we made that blighter's life a little less cushy, eh? Dale: You said it! Gadget: And if he ever shows up again... Chip: Then I guess we'll just have to teach him another lesson! Right Rangers?! All: Right! Watch out, Fatcat! We're the Rescue Rangers!" Zipper then flies into the picture and the image pauses for a moment. Finally, we see a black screen with the Rescue Rangers standing around and "The End" at the bottom.
Sent in by Rey

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