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Castlevania 2

Sent in by Jared Gordon There are actually three endings to Castlevania 2. One is shown on a sunny day with Simon kneeling by Dracula's Grave. This is the ending in which Simon takes mortal wounds and dies shortly after. The best ending is actually shown in black and white. Simon does not stand at Dracula's grave, and the words on the screen talk about what a wonderful guy Simon is for freeing Transylvania from the curse. The third ending seems to be set during a sunset with Simon again kneeling by Dracula's grave. In this ending, Simon does walk away but Dracula's hand pops out of the ground at the very end. This is probably the true ending, or there wouldn't have been a Castlevania 4.
Sent in by Rey

Bad Ending

Normal Ending

Good Ending

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