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Bucky O'Hare

Sent in by Jared After defeating the final boss, your character flies into space, with the stars speeding by faster and faster by the moment and the tense boss theme still playing. The music changes to a heroic theme and the view shifts to a picture of the destruction of the ship you just escaped, with the following text appearing below: "Bucky O'Hare and his bold crew disabled the Toad Mother Ship and escaped with their lives." A picture of Bucky's ship appears, and [apparently anticipating a sequel] this text appears below the ship: "The Righteous proudly flies again! The Toad menace will not be stopped with one victory. The fight will go on. Bucky and his crew won't rest until the Aniverse [sic] is free. Let's croak Toads!!" Then, numerous scenes from the game appear as the credits are presented beneath them. Finally, the music comes to a close as an endearing portrait of our 5 heroes appears with the words "The End" below.
Sent in by Rey

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