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A Boy and his Blob

Sent in by WhompKing64 After making it out of the Subway, you walk into the Health Food store and use your treasure to buy some Vitamins. Using the newly found Orange Jellybeans to turn the blob into the "Vitablaster", you can fire off your Vitamins. Now, you use your Root Beer Jellybeans to turn the Blob into a rocket. On your rocket, you travel to Blobylonia, the Blob's home. You are assaulted by junk food items of various types, but you can whip them with your Vitablaster. After working your way to the end, the evil Blob locks your Blob into a cage. You throw him an Apple Jellybean. As a jack, the Blob breaks the lid of the cage and knocks over a jar of Vitamins onto the evil Blob. This kills him. Next thing that happens is that you and your Blob are receiving a hero's party, and the Blobs are cheering.

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