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Bonk's Adventure

Sent in by Jared Solovay After defeating the skull car at the end of world 6, the game seems to end. The moon princess descends to the ground and says: "I'm back to normal again!! Thank you!! I'm Princess Za. Come on!! Follow me!!" You follow her off screen and board a skull rocket, which launches into the sky. As it's about to land on the moon (with its own palm tree), King Drool intercepts you, and you must fight him on Level 7-4. When you beat him, his crown falls off and circles in the air. The scene pans out to a faraway shot of him flying away from a smiling moon and he says, "I'll get you for this some day!!" The moon gives a victory sign with its fingers and waves its arms emphatically. The scene returns to where the battle took place, with Bonk facing the Princess. The crown, still floating in the air, lands on her head and she says, "Now we can live in peace again!!" She bounces toward Bonk, kisses him, and a heart flies into the air. He reacts by doing his usual power up--flying into the air as his head undergoes a nuclear explosion. The credits play. As Bonk smiles at you under "The End," the purple dinosaur comes from off screen and swallows him up, leaving Bonk's kicking legs dangling from its mouth. It walks off screen, leaving only "The End" behind.

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