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Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team

Sent in by Jared Solovay Once you defeat the Dark Queen, you see a typical end-of-level screen. At the top, "Game Completed" keeps scrolling from right to left. Below that is Professor T. Bird saying: "It's game over for you, Dark has-been. You'll be banished forever!" Below that is the Dark Queen saying: "Don't count your chickens, winged weirdo. I'll be back, that's a promise!" Next we see the city skyline in the background, as her spaceship lifts in the foreground. Your player/s fall from her ship to the ground, and she says: "Get out! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Next we see her ship speeding away above the city, as these words are shown: "The Dark Queen, beaten and humbled, makes her escape into space, while the Shadow Boss seeks sanctuary in the murky alleyways! The Toads and Dragons go their separate ways, but evil forces beware...Battletoads and Double Dragon are --The Ultimate Team--" It then shows your Total Time to complete the game, and the game restarts.
Sent in by Rey

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