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Baseball Simulator 1.000

Sent in by Eric Toward the end of the season, the news report after each game will start telling you the first place teams magic number. The music to the news report changes to a more "celebrational" style when a team finally clinches first place (whether they were involved in the game or not, whether it's the end of the season or not). After the usual statistical report on the game, the display box says "This game make the *teams initials here* the champs". Then it shows the players from that team in a small circular huddle tossing one of the players (they all look alike) in the air in celebration. That continues and another player sticks his head onto your screen from the side and smiles and gives a peace sign. If there are still more games to be played in the season, the screen goes to the "select team" screen it shows before every game, if it's the end of the season you will see the final statistics for the season in each of the categories under the "stats" menu. After the final season stats are shown it goes back to the news screen and says "This season is over, all stats will be saved until next season."

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