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Alfred Chicken

Sent in by Jared Solovay Once you defeat the third and final Meka Chicken in both its incarnations, you drop through a tall room full of stars to collect. At the bottom, Billy Egg cries in distress. Touching him reveals a door, which brings you to a new room where Alfred automatically runs to the right. There, Mr. Peckles (the potted sunflower plant) says, "Alfred: Your quest is over." Mr. Peckles releases a heart that swirls around and bursts open to reveal Alfred's girlfriend, Floella Chicken, who lands next to Alfred with a bounce. As the reunited chickens face each other, hearts fly up from her and an exclamation mark appears over his head. Next, with a background of swirling stars, a list of the "cast" appears (including who provided the "stunts" and the "extras"), followed by the credits. Finally, there is a message about how many of the 4 hidden watering cans you found, and the game restarts.

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