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The Adventures of Gilligan's Island

Sent in by Jared Solovay At the end of Stage 4, the group tries to get the idol to grant their wish to leave the island. They keep Gilligan unaware of their plan and send him away at the crucial moment, so he won't ruin it. But just as the Professor recites the magic chant, Gilligan wishes for a mountain of ice cream. A gigantic ice cream cone floats into the lagoon, and a delighted Gilligan cannot figure out why everyone is so sad. It then says "Episode 4 clear" and tabulates your final score. Next it says, "Will the Castaways ever get off the island?...Stay tuned!" Still-shots from the game are then shown as the credits are presented below. When they are done, we see a faraway shot of the island with "The End" above it in large letters.

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