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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: DragonStrike

Sent in by Daniel Bogle This is the game ending for the Gold Dragon, and I think it's the same ending as the other ones as well. As soon as you defeat the Queen of Darkness, in the last level, the following note shows on the screen: YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE QUEEN OF DARKNESS! BECAUSE OF YOUR DEEDS, THE LAND OF KRYNN IS ONCE MORE AT PEACE. ON YOUR JOURNEY HOME, CROWDS OF CHEERING PEOPLE GREET YOU AND CELEBRATE THIS GREAT VICTORY OVER TERROR. YOU ARE A HERO, AND YOUR ADVENTURES WILL BE SUNG BY BARDS FOR MANY GENERATIONS TO COME. After that screen appears, then the credits start rolling, in a sort of unique way. The three dragons, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all fly in a threesome, to the upper right of the screen, diagonally. As they are flying over the terrain, there are credits stamped into the land, with people cheering all around. The credits appear as follows: DRAGONSTRIKE BY WESTWOOD ASSOCIATES DESIGNED BY LOUIS CASTLE AND MARC CRAM PROGRAMMED BY DAVID R. DETTMER AND MARCO HERRERA ART BY JOSEPH B. HEWITT IV MUSIC BY FRANK KLEPACKI AND PAUL MUDRA SOUND EFFECTS BY PAUL MUDRA SPECIAL THANKS TO GLENN SPERRY, MATT COLLINS, AND PAT OFFORD THE END As soon as the screen stops moving, with "The End" showing, the title screen appears once again.

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