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Sent in by Bhlaab Bad Ending
If you do not get all of the necessary parts by the end of the 30 day limit, you'll get this ending. In it, Captain Olimar is readying to board his spaceship while three Pikmin watch on. After entering it, he tries to blast off. However, once he's up into the sky, his ship malfunctions and falls to the Earth. The next scene shows several Pikmin carrying Olimar's body to their onion. After beaming him up, the onion shoots out a miniature version of Olimar's head, which plants itself into the ground and.. sprouts? For some reason one of the nearby Pikmin squashes his own head to celebrate the dead body of Olimar's transformation into plant. It's a very strange ending.

Good Ending

You get this ending by getting all of the necessary ship parts. Olimar is readying to board his ship as three Pikmin look on. He boards his ship and attempts to blast off, and when he reaches outer space.. He makes it! As he flies through space he looks back sadly to the Pikmin planet as it slowly grows smaller. He then collects himself and flies on. Cue Credits.

Best Ending

You get this by retrieving all 30 ship parts. Captain Olimar is readying to board his spaceship as a row of Pikmin watch on. They all cock their heads to the left, and Olimar looks back at them and waves sadly. This makes them cock all their heads to the right. Olimar looks down at the ground sadly, and then boards the spaceship. As he flies on, the waiting Pikmin notice a Bulborb coming towards them, and jump on it, killing it almost instantly. Go Pikmin! You've finally learned how to defend yourselves! As Olimar soars through space, the camera pans back to the Pikmin planet, and we see onions of every color- Even those undiscovered like black, green, and purple (well, good purple, not evil purple)- flying up into space after him! Olimar looks down at the Pikmin planet sadly as it slowly grows smaller and smaller, but then quickly collects himself and flies on. Cue credits. After the credits it shows a long cast list of all the enemies, giving a short (and rather scientific, might I add) description of each one.

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