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Luigi's Mansion

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As you gain access to the last room, you are confronted by King Boo, who is fawning over his painting of the incased Mario living in it. Mario Pounds on the painting to his brother Luigi as King Boo spins around, laughs his insane laugh, then rambles on about how he will trap you in a painting too! King Boo Stays still but pulls a slow barrel role and slowly you see Bowser forming in Mario's painting! Boswer sucks you with all of his mite and finally the panicking Luigi brother is inside the painting. Afterwards, you appear on the roof of the mansion with Bowser growling and blowing some of the most realistic fire you'll ever see. As the actual game play starts you run around grabbing up the spike balls Bowser throws and them into Bowser's mouth using the L button. And then Bowser's head levitates around as King Boo flys out. From there you use your ghost catching techniques and after about 5 minutes your battle is complete. After Bowsers head is blown to the ground you are safely thrown out of the painting. Luigi grabs the painting of Mario and heads to E. Gadd's lab. After Gadd finishes changing King Boo and the other ghosts into paintings for your gallery he sees the Mario painting and through a series of cheap gizmos and gadgets Mario is back to regular form stuck in the ventilation system. Luigi pears into the smoking vent only to be smacked in the face as Mario spurts out onto the ground with the frame of the vent stuck on his neck. The game pans back to Luigi as he sheds a few tears and then quietly chuckles to himself, then loudly laughs throughout the lab. Mario makes a few funny grones and thats all there is to Luigi's Mansion.

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