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Batman: Vengeance

Sent in by GCN3
After catching The Joker in a skydiving battle, Batman will get in his Batplane and blow up The Joker's blimp with his missiles. Then Batman will take The Joker to where he belongs... Arkham Asylum.
Then you will see all the villains in prison cells inside the Asylum 
(Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and The Joker). The Camera will 
go to the Joker, and you will see that he created a Batman dummy, 
hanging from the prison ceiling. Do you think he doesn't like Batman?

Anyway, the commissioner will turn on the giant bat light signal and 
project it into the sky, and Batman appears before the commissioner. 
They will talk. The commissioner will explain that the batarang that 
hit him (just after the Gasworks level) had Harley Quinn's fingerprints 
on it. Then he will say that he is glad that the Joker isn't dead(???) and 
is glad he is in jail. The commissioner will turn to face Batman, but he's gone... 
The next scene is cinematic (better graphics), where Batman leaps onto a pillar, awaiting his next mission. The end.
(By the way, don't try to watch the credits all the way to the end. It just 
repeats itself forever. Just press A).

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