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Wario Land 4

Sent in by Stephen Wood
After beating the last boss all the treasures come out from the background and start stacking themselves up, then Wario does that one move like he does when the "cleared" sign appears. Then the pyramid starts to fall down, and Wario starts to panic. Then it shows Wario climbing up a latter with a bag full of treasures. Then you see that one black cat come up from the latter, followed by Wario, and they start running up the stairs and get out from the pyramid. Then from a ledge, Wario and the cat watch the pyramid as it goes down. Then three of the treasures start circling around the cat. Then in surprise, Wario sees the cat turning into a princess and then she kisses Wario and says "thank you Wario". Then a light comes down from the clouds and shines on the princess, and then she starts floating away into the clouds. Then Wario starts walking away to his car. Then credits start to roll while he is driving, some treasures start to come out from his bag and it shows a picture for each item that comes out of the bag. Then after the credits, Wario drives of the screen. Then it says "a few days later..." then it shows Wario driving down the street, then a cat starts walking across the street, then it notices Wario's car and closes his eyes or something, then Wario drives right past him and a piece of news paper flies into its face, then looks at it and it says something about all you can eat, then it says THE END.

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