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Jurassic Park 3 The DNA Factor

Sent in by Ty Massei After you're done with the Spinosaur, screens appear that collectively say, "All of this wasteful destruction... Nothing could have possibly survived. The Government will deny any involvement in this and no one will ever know the truth about what we've accomplished on this island. We managed to escape with some of our research and enough DNA to continue with our project. But now I question the ethics of what we've done. Recreating long lost life forms... is it right? Do the great dinosaurs of the past really have a place in our modern world? For while it was man's brilliance and curiosity that spawned the rebirth of dinosaurs, it was man's fear and ignorance that lead to their ultimate demise. With our research we still hold a key to the past. But perhaps the past is one door which should reman unopened." It rolls the credits and the game is over.

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