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Golden Sun

Sent in by Brett Once you beat the fusion dragon, Saturos and Menardi fall into the venus lighthouse. (Not much of a death, is it?) The lighthouse splits into four pieces. You then see Felix on the edge of the lighthouse trying to pull Sheba back onto the lighthouse. A tremor hits the lighthouse and Sheba falls to her death. Felix jumps after her. Suddenly, moments later, the lighthouse is lit, and the lighthouse becomes one piece again. Isaac and friends try to leave the lighthouse. Isaac and the others appear back in Lalivero. They talk to Iodem and Faran about how they couldn't find Sheba or Jenna or Kraden anywhere. Iodem and Faran tell you that part of Gondowon has broken off into the sea and when the lighthouse was lit, the sea rose up to the lighthouse. (Therefore saving Sheba and Felix from certain doom) The water had flooded the lighthouse, so Isaac and friends had to use the ruins to escape. Iodem gives them the black orb needed to operate the Lemurian ship so they can look for Lemuria and Jenna, Kraden, Sheba, Felix, and Alex. They leave for the ocean and the credits roll. While the credits roll, the backgrounds from every battle in the game are shown in the background. After this, the game asks if you want to save. After that, you see Jenna and Kraden lying on the ground where the Lemurian ship used to be. (This is the part of Gondowon that broke off.) They talk about being hungry for a while, then Alex appears and tells Jenna and Kraden to follow him. He leads them to a beach area where Sheba and Felix have washed up. They check to see if they are alive (They are.) After that, the screen goes black except for the words To Be Continued...

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