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Final Fight One

Sent in by Ty Massei After you beat the last guy, your character will say a small phrase (It changes for Guy, Cody, and Haggar, but Alpha Cody says, "Just remember!! This could happen to you again! And again!!" and Alpha Guy says, "Senseless killing does not appeal to me. Leave my presence!" Then the last guy flies out the window and smashes to the ground. It shows a scene of Haggar and Jessica and Haggar says, "I'm so sorry, Jessica. I thought I'd lost you like I lost your mother. I'll never let anything bad happen to you again." Jessica says, "I love you father." As the credits roll, it shows Guy and Cody (Not in Alpha wear, even if you just played as Alpha Guy or Cody) walking away. Jessica yells, "CODY!" and Guy hits Cody to the ground. Guy walks away and and Jessica walks up to Cody. She says, "Where are you going? How can you just walk away now?" Cody says, "I want to stay here with you Jessica, but I can't... not while evil still stalks the streets." Jessica says, "Oh Cody..." They kiss, END pops up, and then "Thank you for your playing ! Presented by Capcom" appears.

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