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Bomberman Tournament

Sent in by Ty Massei After you beat brainwashed Max and BrainBomber, Max will tell Bomberman, "Looks like we wiped him out. Thanks for finding me. Let's go back to the surface." everything starts to change and then it says, "Excellent work, Bomberman". The island will change back to normal and it will say, "Look, fantasy..." then "Things are back to normal again."
It shows the townpeople in town doing various things and then Bomberman and Max stand in front of the queen. She says, "You saved our planet... We all thank you for your bravery. !!! (looks at max) can't be... Max?!" She then steps in the middle of a transporter and flies back to the land. Bomberman says, "Hey Max, let's go home" and fly off. Cue credits and then THE END appears.

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