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Wario Land 2

Sent in by Peter Escott The credits always roll at the same time as Wario swimming, running or flying with his treasure and getting back home, but before that there is always a little thing which is different depending on which level you completed. If you complete "The final battle!!" then the ending shows the castle blowing up, and Wario getting away with his treasure. If you complete "Kick 'em out!!" then the ending shows the baddies flying out of Wario Castle, and Wario going back to sleep. If you complete "Captured Syrup" then Captain Syrup and the three pirates fall from the sky, and Wario punches them away, gets his treasure and is happy. If you complete "Awaiting Syrup" then you see the regular town scene, as Captain Syrup and the three pirates fly out from underground, and Wario gets the treasure. And if you complete "Capture the ghost!!" then it shows Wario punching away Captain Syrup and the three pirates, then a trap door opens beneath him, he falls for ages, and then you see him in his bed, falling out of bed, waking up and thinking "...."
Sent in by Richard If you don't wake Wario up in the first level you will play the game another way. When you beat the final boss by body slamming him on the place his spear was a few times while he is recharging you will see Wario taking back his castles and then he goes to sleep. You then see a movie of the two birds from the beginning. It shows the credits during the movie. Then it says the end and shows how much treasure you got and how much you cleared the courses. If you just play the game the normal way you will get a different ending. After you beat the main boss you see the castle crumble and you see Captain syrup and some pirates getting blown away from the ruins. You then see the credits and a movie of Wario being lifted by the owl to his castle with his money.
Sent in by Peter Escott This is what happens if you complete The Really Final Chapter, which becomes available once you get all treasures, all puzzle pieces, and complete all stages. You have to kill a giant spear man at the end. When you do, it will go through the usual Level Complete thing, then Wario will be standing in this room with a switch, and a big steel door with a skull on it. He hits the switch, and the door opens. He goes in the door, and comes out in an underground room. There is another switch there. He hits the switch, and after a while, a huge money bag falls from a hole in the ceiling. It's about the size of Wario. He looks at you and gives you a huge thumbs up. Then it has the credits, as Wario runs along with the big bag. After a bit of running, it shows him being flown by the owl, with the big bag on its back. It has to flap its wings really hard to stay up. Then it shows him running for a bit, and after he runs off the screen, you can see the giant spear man running after him. Then it shows his castle, and Wario going inside it. The giant spear man goes inside as well. Then it tells you that you got 100% stage complete, puzzle pieces, and treasure, and it tells you your best time for the final stage.
Sent in by Rey

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