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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Sent in by Puckie You reach the child, but Adon tells you to step back that you've misinterpreted the signs the child isn't there savior then the child's face contorts in a zombie exclaiming its a trap and tackles Danielle she kick him off, and Adon and Joesph shoots him. Then he transforms into Oblivion and you fight. He blows up a but a little slug escapes down a corridor you case him while being faced with Death priests you reach a large room where you see Joshua, Dani gets confused because he died then Adon and Joesph shoot him too! They explain Oblivion has taken his body then they fight. After that Joshua spits up the oblivion slug, then Joe and Dani destroy it with their light burdens. They go to Joshua and explains that the child from his visions is Dani's that she is pregnant then he dies. after the credits. Adon is speaking to the council of voices she says that she can bring Josh back but the council refuses it so Adon rebels and walks out intent to bring him back anyway. The council speak of her insolence and how she is getting to close to there plans so they call on Emiry a shadowed figure that resembles Adon, She says Adon loves Josh and the councils practically tells her to dispose of Adon.

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