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Tetris Attack

Sent in by J.W. Thompson The many different endings to Tetris Attack. Endless Mode: If you receive a score of 30,000 pts. or more then you will see how many attacks of each kind you did during the game. The higher the pts. the better the ending (eg. Getting 60000 pts gives you a code.) On stage clear mode you will see one of five or six pictures of one of the characters and the credits. Puzzle mode is the same as the latter. Vs. Com mode has a whole lot of endings. If you play on easy it will just show Yoshi telling you to try a more difficult level. On normal you will see Yoshi walking on a log. On hard it will show the characters talking to each other but it will tell you that to see the real ending to do it without using continues and it will give you a code. If you beat it without using continues it will give you a better ending. If you beat it on SPhard mode it will give you an even better ending. Try beating it without using continues and you will see the best ending. Finally the hard/SP hard endings are different depending on what character you use to beat Bowser.

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