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Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

Sent in by Brad Rothwell After you beat the genie, the Princess will hit the lamp a couple times then run out of the room. She'll throw a bomb in the room just as Wario escapes down Mount Syrup or whatever with the lamp. On the ground, Wario wakes the genie and he comes out. The genie tells him he's got one wish. These thought clouds come out of Wario's head and he sees a castle. So he wants the genie to build him a castle with his money that he's collected through the game. (And trust me, without the treasures, it's nothing.) So he walks to the screen with the machine that tells you how much money you have. It'll add up the last of the money, including the treasures, and then it will rack up the last of it, giving you money bags. You go and give the money bags to the genie. He'll wave his hands and point to the side of the screen. Wario walks to the right side of the screen. Here's the tricky part. 1 money bag gets you a bird-house. Wario will frown and walk from side to side as the credits roll. 2 money bags gets you a little house out of small tree. He'll do the same ending as 1 money bag gets you. Three money bags gets a motel-like mansion. He'll smile and do flips or something. Four money bags gets you a huge castle. He'll smile, do backflips and walk from side to side. In any case, a W sign (meaning Wario) will float down from the sky and land on the building he has been made. And from what I've heard, if you get all the treasures, you get to go to a bonus level.
Sent in by Pikachu If you get 5 money bags, you get a big castle. 6 moneybags (get all treasures), Wario walks to the area where he receives his prize. There is nothing there. Wario floats upward and there is a planet with his face on it! Wario jumps up onto it and gives you a thumbs up, then the credits continue as usual.

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