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Sent in by Rogue 3 Afters Spider-man enters the room, he is surrounded by the darkness. "The games over Carnage, show yourself!" The lights go on revealing not carnage but Doc Ock."Sorry Spider-man, Carnage is indisposed at the moment." Dock Ock looks at a tank, which has Carnage in it. He turns to Spidey, "Veno escaped, but you won't be so lucky!" Spider-man engages Dock Ock, and when he wins, Doc Ock crashes into the tank letting our symbiote friend free. Doc Ock is out cold. "Oh, no Carnage!" (evil laugh X2) "Doctor Octopus will pay for messing with me, but only after I rip you to shreds!" Spider-man engages Carnage Carnage in combat,, and when he wins, they are both out. "Final score: Spider-man: 2, Supervillans: 0. Was that the best you could do?" Doc Ock recovers, but Clete Kasady is still knocked out. But the symbiote is still alive. It bonds with Dock Ock, and Doc Ock gets really muscular, and the claws on his tentacles are replaced with axes. "...I guess not." Spider-man is troubled. When he beats him,He is shown with his gargoyle friend, Bruce. "Symbiotes...lizards...not bad for a days work is it Bruce?" or something like that. "Oh no, I forget Mary Jane's birthday present!" He swings off, and then the wacky credits began.

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