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Rolans Course 2

Sent in by David Anderson After Barius is killed, everything turns black and text boxes appear on screen. "Evil King Barius is defeated and his plot to regain his evil grasp on the world is ended for now..The warriors bid farewell to each other.." Then pictures of the people in your group appear one by one, and we hear about what each one is doing: Pit the elf: "Pit has returned to his village, and is again (up) to his old pranks!" Lane the priestess: "Lane is back in her town using her skills to help the needy." Kyle the zombie: "Kyle will finally find the peace that he deserves. Kyle's town has holidays in his memory." Jude the wizard: "Jude's search for knowledge continues with his only pupil at his side." Lee the "Kungfu": "Lee returns to his town to teach the ways of peace." Lora the Cupid: "Lora leaves this world with the spirit of love." You, the knight: "continues in search of grand adventures. The legend and his great struggle against the forces of evil will be told and retold for many generations to come!" With that done, the word "END" appears in a text box.
Sent in by Rey

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