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Power Quest

Sent in by Lobotomyboy After you defeat Don Quixote in the final battle of the National Championship the ending will commence. Don will say, "My goodness... I never realized you were that strong. You really are something else! Well, you win and I lose. Until we meet again, my friend. Adios," then he leaves. The announcer says, "The winner has been decided and a new hero has been born, Congratulations!" He then asks for a round of applause and you say "All right". Ann and Won both congratulate you saying how they will train and beat you next time. You then leave the Stadium and say if Louis had been there he would have been happy you then look to the sky and say the real battle has just begun... ready, Fight! The credits roll to the song "End of War" and then a picture of all 6 fighting robots appear saying "Thank You".

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