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Mickey Mouse Magic Wands!

Sent in by Michael Harrington Once you kill Yashja, Mickey does his dance he does when he completes every level. Then you see Mickey running to the center of a long room. MICKEY: "Minnie!" Then he runs to the right of the room. MICKEY: "Minnie! Where are you?" MINNIE: "Mickey...I'm here!" Then Mickey runs to Minnie. MICKEY: "Minnie!" MINNIE: "Mickey!" Then they hold each others' hands and kiss. MICKEY: "You could come back safely." MINNIE: "Thank you so much, Mickey." MICKEY: "Everyone is waiting for you. Let's go!" Mickey and Minnie go off to meet their Disney friends. MICKEY: "Everyone could return safely!" FRIENDS: "Mickey! Minnie! Bowwow! Bowwow! It's good we could return safely!" MINNIE: "Mickey, I'm safe because of you. Thanks everybody." GOOFY: "Let's take a picture! Mickey & Minnie! Please stand in the middle! Please reserve my place. OK. Don't move..." ".............Click!" Then there is a picture of all the Disney characters. Then it fades to the words THE END.

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