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Mega Man 4

Sent in by Paul Pace Dr. Wily is in a giant robot trying to kill you, but you destroy it. He escapes in his spaceship but you destroy it too. Realizing that he's lost, he bows down to you. But Wait! A grappling hook pops out of his backpack and he escapes. Then the whole place starts to go up in flames. Mega Man is running, blowing up walls trying to escape till he finds one that is just too big. He is trapped. Bomb Cracker shows up and apologizes to Mega Man for being bad. He kills himself to blow up the door and the vacuum of space sucks Mega Man out. The space station explodes and you see Mega Man on Rush fly out. The credits roll and you see Mega Man fighting all the bosses. THE END!!
Sent in by Rey

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