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Sent in by David Ending #1 (Didn't fight Agram, asked him to send you home) Tony appears out of the cave earlier without the crystal. He seems to have forgotten about everything that just happened to him and is mocked by Benny and his brother. Benny and his brother chase each other and Tony walks down saying "It's gonna be great livin' here..." The credits appear, then a picture, then more credits, then a picture. Repeat. Ending #2 (Fought Agram, didn't go back to Vash Naroom) Tony appears in the cave and walks outside. Although he doesn't have the crystal, the kids don't care and they all walk to the left. The credits roll just like #1, but before it, you see Orwin's coffin get chucked in the lake. Also, in the picture where Tony and the kids pass the cave, Tony turns back, looking as if wanting to go back to Magi Nation, but the others drag him away. Ending #3 (Fought Agram, went back to Vash Naroom) Tony makes it back at Vash Naroom just in time to see Orwin's ceremony. You get to move around on your own. Everyone seems to be here. Valkan, Gogor, Tryn and Karyn, Ulk, Wence, Gruk, Yaki, Poad, Salafy and many others are here to grieve for Orwin. After Orwin's coffin is chucked in the lake, you can move freely around Vash Naroom after Gia declares Eidon the new elder of Vash Naroom. Eidon and Gia leave to discuss Eidon's responsibilities. At Poad's inn, you can talk to Eidon, but the Inn is closed. Pruitt is inside to ring shop, but is not making any rings today. Ulk is at the foot of the stairs leading to Orwin's house and you will get to see Ulk smack Gogor and use the word "D'oh!". Nobody will be in their houses and Gruk will be taking with Wence about his job as the Keeper. Once you leave Vash Naroom, the credits will start.

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