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Lufia: The Legend Returns

'Sent in' by Jesse Smith Seena: If you don't, the towns... everyone... Wain: it's alright! It's over Seena! Seena: Oh, you... beat... Zalbak... me... Wain... Wain: Forgive me, Seena... Seena: Stupid... there's no need to apologize... the world was saved... It'll be just like it always was. Wain: Like it always was? What are you saying?! Seena: Wain: A world without you isn't going to be the same! Seena: Wain... Wain: You phony psychic! Couldn't you have seen my feelings?! Seena: Wain...I' good as... a fortune teller... Wain: Yeah, so you have to live longer and become a better fortune teller! Seena: Right... but.. I was happy.. to have met you.. Wain... it was fun, really... Wain: Seena... don't go! Seena:.. It's ok... I will... see you again... my fortune... says so... Wain: Seena... Seena! Dei: Seena's goal was to gather people who will be able to kill her... She's reached that goal. Wain: Shut up! She was searching for friends to kill her?! Who could believe such a thing?! That's not what friends are about! Seena! I'll never forgive you! Come here now! I'm going to beat you up real hard! Seena! Seenaaaaaaa!! One year later, in a certain town. Aunt: Thank you in advance for doing this. Wain: Yes. I'll come back with the Ruby Apple. Wain. *Seena comes walking towards Wain!!!* Wain: S... Seena, is that you? Seena: Didn't I tell you we'll meet again? Wain: But... why? Seena: I don't really know either... but I guess my fortune telling came true. Wain: Huh? Seena: Remember I told you how my predictions started to be very accurate? Well, it was the opposite. Wain: I don't get it... Seena: It's not that I was able to tell the future. The future changed to make what I said true. In other words, I had the power to change the future. Do you remember the last thing I said? Wain: 'We'll meet again someday"... Seena: Right. At that moment, I really felt that I wanted to see you again. So my wish must have come true. Are you convinced? Wain: Absolutely not! heh, if I knew you'd revive, I wouldn't have cried. Seena: Oh, you cried? For me? Wain: Huh? N-no, I wasn't really crying... Seena: You cried, didn't you? Tell me the truth. Wain: I didn't cry! Seena: You're still stubborn. Wain: What? hey, I was really mad! Ugh, I'm getting angry again. !#@#$ Seena: What are you so angry about? Wain: You befriended us just so we could kill you! What stupid kind of reason is that?! Seena: I had no choice. Erim's Spiritual Force would have taken me over and I would have been the Sinistral of Death. Erim has the ability to resurrect the Sinistrals, and if that happens this world is over. Wain: I understand the logic but I'm not convinced! I trusted you! Seena: I trusted you too, that you'll be able to do it. Wain. Wain: I don't ever want to do such a thing again! Seena: That won't happen. I don't feel Erim's Spiritual Force anymore. Wain: It better not! I'm not going to hurt my friend again! Seena: Wain... you would still consider me as your friend? Wain: Of course! You're one of my most... most precious friends. Seena: Thanks... I'm glad. Wain: What are you getting all quiet for? Don't think you can fool me like that. Seena: Oh, I see you've gotten smarter. Wain: !#@* Hey! Seena: Ha ha ha. I'm just kidding. Wain: You may have died once, but you haven't changed. Seena. Seena: You should try dying to, Wain. Although, it's not a cure for stupidity. Wain: Seena! Seena: Ha ha ha ha! Wain: But anyway, that's amazing that you could control the future. We won't have anything to worry about. Seena: Unfortunately, I can no longer use that power. Wain: Why not? Seena: Don't you feel that you're losing your power? Wain: Yeah. Seena: It's simple. The Sinistrals are gone, and the power of the Spiritual Force is at rest. So my fortune telling abilities are back to normal now. Wain: Oh, I see. I guess we can't have everything. Seena: Right. So now we really have to work hard. Wain: Yeah... By the way Seena, I've taken on a job, but I have to go against a strong monster. And I'll be needing a good magician. Seena: Do you want me to help you? Wain: Well, it could be any old magic user. Seena: #@!% Oh, fine. I won't help you then. Wain: I'm just kidding. I need you to help me. Seena: Okay, I think I'll help you. Wain: That'll be great. But the client is really poor, so I can't promise that you'll be paid well. Seena: @#!% I knew it... I won't have an easy life hanging around you. Wain: Did you figure that out just now? Seena: No... say, how's everybody else? Wain: I haven't seen them, but I'm sure they're still around. Seena: Ha ha ha! You're right about that... Seena: I'd love to see them again... Wain: Don't worry. We'll see them on our journey. Seena: How do you know that? Wain: Do you know where Doom Island landed? Seena: Where? Wain: Estoland. Seena: Estoland?! That's the unexplored continent! Wain: Sounds like a "big adventure," doesn't it? There is no way they won't be there. Seena: You're right... There's no doubt that everyone will be there! Wain: Yeah! Tak: Hey, Ruby. I won't lose this time. Let's do it! Ruby: Okay. Heads or tails? Tak: Tails! Ruby: It's heads. Tak: Aaah! I lost again. Why?! Ruby: That's too bad. See-ya. Tak: Dang... I'll definitely win next time! Ruby: You're no good. Sigh... I miss the days when I traveled with Wain. Isn't there anything interesting? Gambler: Hey, Ruby. I heard an interesting rumor. Ruby: What's that? Gambler: Doom Island sank into Estoland. Ruby: Estoland, huh? Sounds great. Gambler: Are you going? Ruby: I'll decide with my coin. Heads, I go. Tails, I don't go. Gambler: Which is it? Ruby: Heads. Gambler: Oh yah? Well, don't let Fate play with you. Ruby: It's not Fate. I'll give you this coin. It's a good luck charm. Waitress: Heads on both sides... Ruby: See ya. Deckard: The sea calls... The wind calls... The air calls... The world is calling me! I no longer have enemies in Southland! I will take anybody down! Ha ha ha ha ha! S...squid!? Huge! Well, are you challenging me knowing that I'm Sir Deckard? I will never lose! Ha! *Knocks squid away.* Strong! I am too strong! I have absolutely no enemy in this Southland! Beyond this sea a new world is out there! I'll seek out the path to Estoland no matter what! Ha ha ha ha! Yorist: Jan... Life is an ordeal, isn't it... Sammi: It went my quickly, Yorist. It's already been a year. Yorist: Sammi... Sammi: I still think about him, but I don't cry anymore. Do you think it's cruel of me? Yorist: No, it's natural. Jan still remains a part of you, doesn't he? Sammi: Yes. Yorist: Then, it is fine. Live without going against the wind, Sammi. Sammi: Yurist... You're leaving... Yorist: Yes. I will journey to find a new world. Sammi: ...I'll miss you. You can come back anytime. Yurist: ... I'll be back when the wind stops blowing. This is the town where my dear friend rests. Assistant: Professor! Doom Island fell to Estoland as you have calculated. Isaac: My calculations are always right. Help me prepare. Assistant: Are you really going? Isaac: That island seems to hold more secrets. Assistant: Be careful! I mean, a man of your age.. Isaac: Hmph. I can still run with the young ones. Assistant: Yes, yes. I know.... But still, take care of yourself! Isaac: I know. Well, I think I'll go now. Assistant: Leaving already? Isaac: Are you going to be lonely without me? Assistant: No, not at all! Please, get going! Isaac: No need to get mad. Don't worry.. I won't forget about you all. Assistant: Professor... Isaac: I'll come back greater than before. Look forward to it. Randolph: May I help you, Princess? Melphis: Randolph, isn't the new minister, Oktol, doing a wonderful job? Randolph: Yes. The citizens find him very trustworthy. Melphis: May I leave the castle for a little while? Randolph: You are going to Estoland, I presume. Melphis: Is it that obvious? Randolph: How many years have I been serving you? Melphis: I guess I can't hide anything from you, Randolph. Randolph: You would go even if I stopped you. But there is one condition. Melphis: What is it? Randolph: I am going with you. Melphis: You are such a burden, Randolph. Randolph: If you truly think that, please find a groom so there will be an heir. Melphis: marriage... I have never really thought about it. Randolph: #@$! What am I going to do with you, Princess. Melphis: Please put up with my selfishness a little longer, Randolph. Randolph: Yes, Princess. I will stay by your side no matter what. Melphis: Shall we go, then? Randolph: Yes, Princess. Mousse: Muu! Maqurine: What's wrong, Mousse? Where are you going? Mousse: Muu-muu. Maqurine: Goodbye? But why? Mousse: Muu-muu-muu, qu. Maqurine: I don't understand... but there's something that you're looking for across the sea? Mousse: Muu. Maqurine: Oh... I'm going to miss you, but I hope you'll find what you're looking for. Mousse: Muu. *Mousse walks away.* Rudo: Maqurine, are you OK? Where is Mousee? Maqurine: He's gone faraway... Rudo: Really... That's sad. Maqurine: I'm OK. I... I have you... Aima: Master. It has been a year since then. I am still keeping up with my training, but I am still not even half as good as you yet. Today I am here to bid you farewell. I am going on a journey to a new world to train harder. It will be tough, but I will do my best. Please watch over me, Master... Sister: Milka, you are going? Milka: Yes. Artia has already headed towards Estoland. Sister: So the fighting will not end... Milka: No, but soon, the time will change. A new world will dawn. Sister: It will be a tough journey. Milka: I know. But if Artia is going, I must go too. Sister: Please be careful. Milka: Thank you. Lurisa: Dei! Where are you. Dei?! Dei: Right here. Lurisa: You worried me. I thought you vanished again! Dei: Sorry. Lurisa: Please don't go away anymore Dei. Dei: .... Lurisa: What's wrong? Dei: Oh, nothing. Lurisa: You lied, didn't you? Dei: What? Lurisa: You know how to steal, but you can't lie. Dei: T-that's not true. Lurisa: You can't hide it. Your nostrils flare when you lie. Didn't you know? Dei: What? Is that true? Lurisa: No it's not! Ha ha! I got you! Dei: @%#! Lurisa! Kids shouldn't tease adults! Lurisa: Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not a kid. In 10 more years I'm going to marry you. Dei. Dei: That's sweet of you. Lurisa: I'm serious. So Dei, please don't go anywhere. Dei: Yeah... Lurisa: You're lying. Dei: Huh? Lurisa: You're going somewhere far sway, Dei. Dei: Sorry, I want to vist new places and see just how much I can do. (vist is there error, should be visit!!) I met Wain and decided to change my ways. I don't want to stay as a thief. I want to face the world without shame. Lurisa: I'll wait. It won't take 10 years, right? Dei: Right. Lurisa: I'll try my best to become the woman of your dreams. Dei: I'll look forward to it. Lurisa: Until then, Don't cheat on me! (Another error, Don't should be don't!!) Dei: Okay, okay. Lurisa: I'm serious you know! Dei: I know, Lurisa. I'll come back a decent man. Lurisa: Okay... Dei: See you... Lurisa: Dei! Dei: Huh? Lurisa: Take care! Dei: Yeah, you take care too! Seena: Ha ha ha... I can't wait to see everybody. Wain: They're going to be surprised when they see you, Seena. Seena: Yeah... I was supposed to have died. Wain: I know you're alive and well right now. Seena: Yeah. Wain: Seena... Seena: What? Wain: Promise me you won't ever die again. Seena: Stupid. I'm going to have to die someday. Wain: Just promise me! I don't ever want to feel that way again. Seena: Wain... Okay, I promise. I won't ever die again. Wain: Good... I'm glad. Seena: But listen, Wain Wain: Huh? Seena: The feeling that I wanted to see you is what brought me back to life, Wain...... So, don't let me go... Otherwise... Wain: Otherwise? Seena: I won't be able to go on... *Shows credits and scenes from the game.* *Shows game stats.*

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