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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Sent in by Jason Vincent After you beat all of the Nightmares, a stairway appears and you are told to climb them. At the top, the owl appears and congratulates you and says "As part of the Wind Fish's spirit, I am the guardian of his dream world...But one day, the Nightmares entered the dream and began wreaking havoc. Then you, (your file name, or if you have the 7th picture, he'll call you Thief), came to rescue the island...I have always trusted in your courage to turn back the Nightmares. Thank you, (name)...My work is done... The Wind Fish will wake soon. Good bye..Hoot!" Then he disappears and this big fat whale that looks like a bunch of hippies painted him appears. He says "I AM THE WIND FISH...LONG HAS BEEN MY SLUMBER...IN MY DREAMS...AN EGG APPEAREDAND WAS SURROUNDED BY ANIS LAND, WITH PEOPLE, ANIMALS, AN ENTIRE WORLD! BUT, VERILY, IT BE THE NATURE OF DREAMS TO END! WHEN I DOST AWAKEN, KOHOLINT WILL BE GONE...ONLY THE MEMORY OF THIS DREAM LAND WILL EXIST IN THE WAKING WORLD...SOMEDAY, THOU MAY RECALL THIS ISLAND...THAT MEMORY MUST BE THE REAL DREAM WORLD.COME, (NAME)...LET US AWAKEN...TOGETHER!!" Then he disappears and you are told to play the song of awakening with the eight instruments. the instruments appear around link he plays the song. You then see different screenshots of the island disappearing. then it shows you being blown away by a big gust of water. Now link is floating on a piece of wreckage unconscious when he wakes up. He sits up and the Wind Fish flies overhead. And last, the credits.
Sent in by Rey

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