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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Sent in by Matthew Reimer After you defeat all nightmares, you climb the stairs into outer space. Then the owl that follows you around in the game tells you that he is the Wind Fish's guardian. Then the Wind Fish tells his story of how the nightmares got into his dream and trapped him inside the egg. Then you came and rescued him and brought justice to Koholint Island. After the story, the Wind Fish tells you to play "The Song of Awakening" ("Ballad of the Wind Fish"). During the song, it shows different places on Koholint disappearing. Then it shows the whole island and egg
Sent in by Matt Woods After you learn from the Windfish that you were in his dream, and everything disappears, it shows Link floating down the ocean on a board left over from his destroyed boat. Then you fly over his head and the games over.
Sent by Cromwell Campbell If you beat the game without losing a life, instead of a seagull flying overhead a Marlin with wings will.
Sent in by Rey

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