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Kirby's Block Ball

Sent in by Mark Blehm This game has two endings: 1) If you beat Level 10 without getting all the flags, it shows Kirby walking away carrying a bag over his shoulders, with the words "The End?" 2) If you beat Level 11 (you can get there by getting all the flags), after you defeat King Dedede, it shows Kirby at the top of the castle. Then the 5 stars come out and demolish the castle. Suddenly a water fountain squirts out from the wreckage, and Kirby does all sorts of stunts on the fountain as the credits roll at the bottom of the screen. Finally, the fountain blasts him into space, where he lands waving next to the words "The End Congratulations!" Wait a few seconds, and Dedede will go flying by.
Sent in by Rey

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