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Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Sent in by Quint Pit gets into the room where Satan (Orcos) is holding Palutena. Pit kills Satan, but then his body reforms into a giant form. After Pit shoots Satan with enough arrows, his body freezes and breaks apart. Pit flies off and ends up in Palutena's throne room, where she reappears and thanks the now arrogant Pit, who flies up before she is done talking. We then see Pit flying higher and higher up into the sky as images of all the enemies appear. After all of the enemies pictures have been shown, we see Pit flying up to the sun. A face appears on the sun and smiles, and then Pit's wings burn off and he falls to his death. The screen freezes on the image of the wingless Pit plunging to the ground and the smiling sun while the words THE END appear.
Sent in by Rey

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