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Kid Dracula

Sent in by Jordan M. Davis After you defeat Garamoth's (last boss) second form, he disappears and Kid Dracula smiles. The screen fades to black and a few words appear: KID DRACULA HAS DEFEATED KING GARAMOTH. Those words fade and Kid Drac speaks, "PIECE OF CAKE. LET'S GO HOME." Exciting, huh? Then it shows Kid Drac walking home from outer space with the 3 bat friends following behind. The credits flash in the background. After the credits are finished, Kid Drac comes face to face with the Butler. Kid Drac then tosses the umbrella up in the air. A close up of the Butler is shown, and then he says, "MASTER! I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FATHER'S UMBRELLA," to which Kid Dracula replies, "AT LEAST I BROUGHT IT BACK." The text fades and then the words THE END appear, along with the copyright information.
Sent in by Rey

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