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Great Greed

Sent in by Lucas "Shark" Hofstatter You have beaten the second incarnation of Bio-Haz. With new found courage after discovering that Princess Citrus had survived the fall to the bottom of the chasm, and being heartbroken after the person in the town beyond it gave you the Cutter sword, which he found at the bottom of the rift, you hit Bio-Haz for a final time. Instead of backing off, he falls through the bottom of the fight screen- signifying his death. Several things happen at once. As the castle crumbles around you, Bio-Haz explains that you were a threat to him because you and he are from the same world!! He says that to help clean up Earth, he was removing all of the pollutants and dumping them in the kingdom of Greene. Bio-Haz finishes talking, then says that you are a mighty warrior and that you and he would have made a good team, had you joined Cadmium at the cave in Microwave's homeland. He bids a quick farewell, saying that " have been a worthy opponent and a potential king of Greene." Then Bio-H! az explodes into four bolts of electricity. Princess Candy overheard the talking, and says, "Poor guy....." At that point, Princess Cupcake rushes up from the south end of the room, saying that the castle is falling and that Princess Truffle has some kind of airship waiting. This is followed by an animation of you and the princesses running ridiculously fast to the south, and the sound of the castle falling down. An animation of a weird-looking blimp-type craft flying through the air follows, as the credits roll by. When they are done, the airship rises up and off the top of the screen. The prologue is the absolute funniest part of the game. After the credits, you are returned to the Greene family castle. After a feast, you are given the choice of returning to Earth or remaining in the kingdom of Greene. Depending on which you chose, the following things can happen: You have chosen to return to Earth. Microwave prepares the magic circle, promising you that you will be able to return to Greene in the future. As you step into the circle, the screen goes white. Microwave's words, and those of Cupcake, who stood looking on, echo in your ears. You materialize in the forest from which you first witnessed the battle between Microwave and Bio-Haz's second in command, and were accidentally drawn through the portal opened by Microwave. Your father walks up to you, speaks, and you both walk off screen. The ending sequence rolls, showing animations of the destinies of the loyal people you encountered, and sometimes let tag along. The very end picture shows you and your dad in a circle of grass, side by side. You have decided, with a lot of consideration, that you will remain in the kingdom of Greene. The grateful King Greene offers you the choice of one of his daughters for your wife. However, you don't have to chose a daughter anyone in the room can be yours with enough pushing- Microwave, one of the guards, hell, even King Greene himself! But if you prefer to remain straight, then you may chose any daughter except for the one who already has feelings of deep affection for Pint, the boy who saved your life when Cadmium caused your ship to crash. (Note: I never had the heart to join Cadmium at the cave, so I don't know what would have occurred if you had done so. Oh well, you'll have to find out on your own...). However, you can make her marry you unwillingly, although this has a negative affect on the end game sequence and your score. You will get different responses from whomever you chose, such as if you try to marry the queen. But King Greene protests, saying that "She is my ! wife. Chose one of my daughters." Usually I chose the chick of the bunch, the mature Princess Candy. If you chose Citrus, you will get a pretty funny response- she says that she will try to become a more respectable woman. You have married a princess other than Pint's lover, in which case, you get the normal ending for that case- you are showed the futures of all those whose lives you changed- Lollipop has become a doctor after her father, who was murdered by Sarg of Tuna. The other princess marries Pint, and you see them hanging out. Other stuff happens. Then, in the circle of grass, you stand next to your wife (or whoever else you chose....ha ha ha....). You have forced Pint's girlfriend to marry you. The King, at first, says, "(your name), that's unreasonable. (princess's name I forgot it) loves Pint. Chose another daughter." But with enough cajoling, you marry her, and she says she will try to forget about Pint. The ending cuts remain the same, except that the scene for her shows only Pint, pacing sadly in his house.

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