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Gargoyles Quest

Sent in by Jeff White After defeating Breager: "What! I've been defeated twice? I'll never forget this. I'll be back and... then... I'll... GUUH... GWAAAA!!!!!!!!!" You then return to King Darkoan. "But why didn't you tell me you were the legendary Red Blaze. Anyway, you saved the realm. I hope you'll stay here and help us. By the way, Firebrand, the Earth is yours. If you can conquer the Earth, you can be king there. Good Luck!" Then before the credits. When Breager was defeated his power over Darkoan vanished. Darkoan regained his great power and defeated the entire army of destroyers. The Ghoul Realm became safe (?) again. Firebrand became well known throughout the Ghoul Realm. A legend in his own time. The game then shows animated pictures of the bosses along with their names. Then the credits roll.
Sent in by Rey

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