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Dr. Mario

Sent in by Jonah On low, the ending will only show the three viruses at the bottom of the ocean. The words: Congratulations! Virus level 20 Speed low will appear. When you play med., the ending will be the same as on low but a snail will swim across the screen and scare the viruses and the text will read Speed Med. The Hi. ending will place the viruses at the bottom of the sea again and show the text with speed Hi replacing the words speed med or low. The words will disappear and a spaceship will fly in from the right. When it reaches the center of the screen, the viruses freak out. A tractor beam comes down and pulls the viruses up. On the way up, a giant fish eats all the viruses. The spaceship flies off quickly and a large school of very small fish starts to swim from left to right. After the ending sequence, you go to level 21.

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