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Disney's Hercules

Sent in by Kacy Shelley Knowing his plan is ruined, Hades starts a getaway, since Hercules stopped the Titans. Hades says he has a friend of Herc's who dying to see him. Knowing Hades means Megara, Herc races back to her, but... too late. The Fates have cut Meg's Thread of Life, but Herc goes to find Meg's spirit. Herc eventually gets it out of the Pit of Death in the Underworld and this conversation comes, 'cause the Fates can't cut Herc's TOL: "Hades: You can't be alive! You'd have to be a...a... Pain, Panic: They'd make Herc mortal. Hades: You and Zeus can take a little joke, right?". Herc gives Hades a good punch into the POD. Hercules returns Meg's spirit back to her body. Meg comes back, and Zeus brings Herc, Meg, Phil, and Pegasus up to Olympus. Another conversation: "Zeus: A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart. Welcome home, son. Hercules: Father, this is the moment I've always dreamed of. But a life without Meg-even an immortal one-would be empty. I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong." Herc becomes immortal again, and he, along with Meg and Phil, atop Pegasus, return to Earth. A picture of Herc is hung in the stars. Then the muses sing, then the credits roll.

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