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Castlevania Legends

Sent in by Eric Paiva When you strike the finishing blow, text screen appears. Dracula says "This can't be. Me losing to a human. Sonia-goes into a long speech about humanity. Then says "There is no place for you in this world. Dracula-maniacal laughter then says "do you really think you can destroy me? You're a fool, just like Alucard was." Then says he will rise again. Sonia-"If it is my fate to be a vampire hunter, I will be ready. no, I will gladly accept that destiny. Until your soul is saved goodbye O woefulprince of darkness. Then the screen goes to Sonia standing on a cliff ledge, to the right of the screen. Dracula's castle in the background crumbles into the ground. Then words say this is the beginning of the Belmont legacy and started by the courage of a young girl. Credits scroll, then when all is done that screen changes to a new one. Sonia is holding a baby. Text says a new Belmont has been born, it will be its fate to rise against evil but that story is for another time.
Sent in by Rey

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