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Bubble Bobble

Sent in by Jeff White Upon defeating the final boss, the Spirit of the Water appears and says... "I'm the Spirit of the Water. I believed someone would come and help me. You would like the "Moon Water." Wouldn't you? All right, I will make the spring spurt with the Water of Live in the woods." Our hero then jumps out of a hole in the ground and rejoins his family. He then throws the 3 treasures into the hole. The family watches as the hole fills with water. The family rejoices while fish jump around in the water. Then before the credits roll... The "Moon Water" like before began to fill up the fountain in the woods. Thanks to this, the extinguishing woods revived with green, and the danger of the nature was eliminated. Bubby was very glad because his brother's health came back. Maybe some day there will again be a villain who'll try to destroy this beautiful Earth. However, Bubby will fight back to protect the precious lives of the Earth.
Sent in by Rey

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