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Bionic Battler

Sent in by Zachery Brian Darby The game endings are different depending on the level you choose. When you finish a level you get out of your machine and go visit some guy (the king? I'm not sure since I got the game from a yard sale and it didn't come with any instructions). The guy will give you a variety of items and a box on the bottom of the screen will display the money you've won (the money serves no purpose in the game). You get $1 on the first level (wow!), $10 on the second level (yipee!), $100 on the third (getting better), $1000 on the fourth (now were talking!), and a big $99,999 on the fifth (woohoo!)! On the fifth level the guy won't be there to greet you because you've got to have room as a pile of money comes crashing down on your head! You then stick your head out and flash your victory sign and live happily ever after. Congratulations! You've won the game!

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