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Battle Arena Toshinden

Sent in by Matt Huff Eiji: Emi finds him at the tournament and says that from then on she will go with him to the tournament. Kayin: After Sofia leaves with-out him, Ellis wants to know if he loves her, but he can't 'cause he has a daughter. Sofia: Her master finds her and leaves with her saying that she would go with her. Rungo: He finds out that the letter was supposed to be for a party, NOT the tournament. Fo: He just says to Uranus she looks good, and she says that he won't stop. Mondo: he finds out that the letter was supposed to be for Gaia not him so he leaves. Duke: Eiji says they should fight again. Ellis: She finds out who her father is and won't quit looking for him. Gaia: He finds out that he can't get the armor he is wearing off. Sho: finds he is just a free traveller. Uranus: finally tells Gaia that she loves him...and he faints! Gaia2: Ellis finds him but he leaves, she is sad but doesn't cry.

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