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Modern computer microchips are primarily composed of what element? Answer: Silicon Which of the following candies is traditionally fruit-flavored? Answer: Skittles How do you express 3/4 as a decimal? Answer: .75 What color is a ruby? Answer: Red Which of these is another name for a golf course? Answer: Links Huffy, Schwinn and Raleigh are all brands of what? Answer: Bicycles According to legend, in what country are you most likely to meet a leprechaun? Answer: Ireland What colors are the two circles in the MasterCard logo? Answer: Red and yellow Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson have both recorded duets with which former Beatle? Answer: Paul McCartney How many ships did Columbus set sail with on his initial voyage to the New World? Answer: Three On the TV show "CHiPs" what was Officer Frank Poncherello's nickname? Answer: Ponch What do you call a young cow? Answer: Calf If a business "files under Chapter 11" what is it doing? Answer: Declaring Bankruptcy What does an animal produce when it lactates? Answer: Milk A pita is a type of what? Answer: Flat bread What was the name of Huey Lewis' band? Answer: The News What internet company goes by the acronym AOL? Answer: America Online To create a tapestry, one must traditionally engage in what activity? Answer: Weaving What famous radio personality was also the voice of Shaggy on the cartoon "Scooby-Doo?" Answer: Casey Kasem What important food crop is grown in fields called paddies? Answer: Rice Where is the Louvre museum? Answer: Paris Click here In cooking, the term "au gratin" is sometimes used to describe a dish with what topping? Answer: Cheese What fictional character claims to be "smarter than the average bear?" Answer: Yogi Bear Which of these rivers flows through France? Answer: Seine According to the proverb, necessity is the mother of what? Answer: Invention What is the colored part of the eye called? Answer: Iris Which of these is not found in a Snickers candy bar? Answer: Almonds When daylight-saving time arrives in the spring, how do most Americans turn their clocks? Answer: One hour forward What term describes someone who does not believe in the existence of God? Answer: Atheist If you dial "411" on a telephone, who are you calling? Answer: Directory assistance Which of these animals shares its name with a luxury car? Answer: Jaguar Which of these organizations is not part of the U.S. government? Answer: NAACP In what country are police officers referred to as "boobies?" Answer: England What kind of item is a ginsu? Answer: Knife What kind of worker uses a "paddy wagon?" Answer: Police Officer If someone has cataracts, what part of their body might need an operation? Answer: Eye For what purpose would you use an awl? Answer: To make holes Which of the following is not a TV cartoon duo? Answer: Simon and Garfunkel According to legend, if you give someone the "evil eye" what are you doing? Answer: Cursing them Which of these is a government agency established to protect investors? Answer: SEC According to the American Kennel Club, what is the most popular breed of dog in the U.S. as of 1999? Answer: Labrador retriever Where would you typically find a bailiff? Answer: Courtroom Which of these is not a position on an American football team? Answer: Striker Which of these movies does not star Jim Carrey? Answer: Patch Adams Elephant tusks are made of what material? Answer: Ivory Which of these painting tools has bristles on it? Answer: Brush By what collective name do Christians refer to God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost? Answer: The Trinity Which of these is not one of the three branches of the U.S. government? Answer: Parliamentary What term describes a tribe that has no set homeland and wanders from place to place? Answer: Nomadic In the television network abbreviation "ABC" what does the "A" stand for? Answer: American What French city is home to a famous international film festival each spring? Answer: Cannes In what country did Pokemon originate? Answer: Japan What are the dimensions of a "letter size" piece of paper? Answer: 8 1/2 x 11 inches Which of these countries is not in Europe? Answer: Israel In a game with no wild cards, what is the highest, possible poker hand? Answer: Royal flush In American football, how many points is a touchdown worth? Answer: Six In computer terminology, what does the acronym "ISP" stand for? Answer: Internet Service Provider Which of the following is a sports award? Answer: Espy What term is used to describe a group of fish? Answer: School The common term for someone who has difficulty seeing objects in the distance is what? Answer: Nearsighted Cheese is a necessary ingredient in which of these dishes? Answer: Veal parmigiano What is an alternative name for the food dish "Beijing duck?" Answer: Peking duck How many stars are on the American flag? Answer: 50 The process of drilling holes in the skull is called what? Answer: Trepanation What animated character has a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl? Answer: Charlie Brown Which of these is a member of the cucumber family? Answer: Watermelon Who or what was Big Bertha? Answer: A World War 1 gun To ward off bad luck, what do many people do to wood? Answer: Knock on it What is the final word of the Pledge of Allegiance? Answer: All The disco band ABBA comes from what country? Answer: Sweden Which fast food chain used the advertising slogan, "Where's the beef?" Answer: Wendy's What is another way of writing "six feet?" Answer: 6' What is the name of the baby who appears in cartoons and comic strips with Popeye the Sailor? Answer: Swee'pea According to the popular saying, what should you do "when in Rome?" Answer: As the Romans do Which of these foods is not traditionally considered kosher? Answer: Shellfish What disease is characterized by a body's inability to properly metabolize glucose? Answer: Diabetes People are supposed to drive on the left-hand side of the road in which country? Answer: England If a piece of music is in "common time" how many quarter notes are there per measure? Answer: Four What is the 7-Eleven company's trademarked name for its super-large sodas? Answer: Big Gulp A portrait that comically exaggerates a person's physical traits is called a what? Answer: Caricature What are the names of Donald Duck's three nephews? Answer: Huey, Dewey, Louie What Greek poet wrote "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey?" Answer: Homer Which of these is a commonly-known investment account? Answer: IRA What condition is caused by malfunctioning setaceous glands? Answer: Acne Which of the following beverages is brewed from the leaves of a plant? Answer: Tea What part of the human body does a gastroenterologist examine? Answer: Stomach Which of these is a slang term for "police?" Answer: Fuzz Which of these is typically not used as a spice? Answer: Hemlock What color is Uncle Sam's goatee? Answer: White What is the name of the StarKist tuna mascot? Answer: Charlie In horse racing, what is the term for a wager on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in a specific race? Answer: Trifecta What sporting event is held annually on Memorial Day weekend? Answer: Indianapolis 500 What type of meat is on a traditional Reuben sandwich? Answer: Corned Beef Which of these is not the name of one of rock musician Frank Zappa's children? Answer: Lumpy Gravy Which of the following is most commonly kept in a terrarium? Answer: Plants In soccer, which player is allowed to use his or her hands in the field of play? Answer: Goalkeeper Which of the following breakfast cereals is shaped like the letter O? Answer: Cheerios What day of the week is sometimes called "hump day?" Answer: Wednesday What disease does a carcinogen cause? Answer: Cancer A flashing red traffic light signifies that a driver should do what? Answer: Stop Which of these countries does not participate in NAFTA? Answer: Guatemala Who is the career hit leader among players never elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame? Answer: Pete Rose What's the popular name of the breakfast meat consisting of sausages wrapped in pancakes? Answer: Pigs in a blanket What singer appeared in the 1992 baseball film "A League of Their Own?" Answer: Madonna In America, what is the main ingredient in pepperoni? Answer: Meat What country is famous for making wooden shoes? Answer: The Netherlands What does a pH level measure? Answer: Acidity Which of these months has 31 days? Answer: March The phrase "hospital corners" refers to what? Answer: Bed sheets In Mister Rogers' theme song, what does he ask you to be? Answer: His neighbor From whom does the Lutheran Church get its name? Answer: Martin Luther What is the art of elegant handwriting called? Answer: Calligraphy What city's airport uses the code ORD? Answer: Chicago From what language does the term "R.S.V.P." originate? Answer: French Who wrote "A Tale of Two Cities?" Answer: Charles Dickens Someone would most likely contract salmonella poisoning from eating which of the following? Answer: Chicken The majority of calcium in the human body if found where? Answer: Bones In what state is the 1999 movie "Magnolia" set? Answer: California What is the name of the Swedish company that specializes in affordable furniture? Answer: IKEA Which of these candy bars was named for a baseball player? Answer: Reggie Bar What mathematical term is used to describe the average of a series of numbers? Answer: Mean In the movie "Star Wars" what kind of creature is Chewbacca? Answer: Wookiee Who is considered the owner of a "publicly held" company? Answer: The stockholders Which of the following sounds is commonly associated with owls? Answer: Hoot The British dish "bangers and mash" is made up of sausage and what? Answer: Potatoes What professional sports team plays its home games in the Alamodome? Answer: San Antonio Spurs How many periods are there in an ice hockey game? Answer: Three In the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" what is the name of Dr. Evil's diminitive clone? Answer: Mini-Me When it first appeared on the internet, sold only what? Answer: Books Which of these vitamins was the first to be named? Answer: Vitamin A How many $100 bills does it take to equal one million dollars? Answer: Ten thousand
Backgammon is a how many-player game? Answer: Two In what restaurant can you order a Grand Slam breakfast? Answer: Denny's What is actor Antonio Banderas' native language? Answer: Spanish What is the name of Mario's brother in the "Super Mario" video games? Answer: Luigi A second-year college student is usually called a what? Answer: Sophomore What does the acronym "REM" stand for? Answer: Rapid Eye Movement What is the medical term for a doctor's identification of a disease? Answer: Diagnosis Which of the following is a natural sugar found in most fruits? Answer: Fructose Where did Exxon Valdez run aground in March of 1989? Answer: Prince William Sound In traditional English puppet shows, who is married to the character Punch? Answer: Judy What is the name of Howard Stern's female on-air sidekick? Answer: Robin Quivers Who was the first U.S. president to resign from that office? Answer: Richard Nixon What character did Woody replace on the TV show "Cheers?" Answer: Coach What term is used to describe a group of geese? Answer: Gaggle How long is Hanukkah? Answer: Eight days What is the most popular month for weddings in America? Answer: August Which character on the TV show "Friends" is a chef? Answer: Monica In what decade was the Hula-Hoop invented? Answer: 1950s What high school does the gang from the "Archie" comic strip attend? Answer: Riverdale High In the Jimmy Buffet song "Magaritaville" what is the singer searching for? Answer: A shaker of salt On what continent can you find tigers in the wild? Answer: Asia According to the children's nursery rhyme, what type of ocean did Columbus sail in 1492? Answer: Blue What is the capital of North Dakota? Answer: Bismarck In the famous baseball poem "Casey at the Bat" Casey plays for the team from what town? Answer: Mudville What letters are on the "3" button of a touch-tone telephone? Answer: DEF Which of these television programs did not feature characters introduced on "Happy Days?" Answer: Perfect Strangers What was Richard Nixon's middle name? Answer: Milhous What is produced during photosynthesis? Answer: Oxygen Which of these is not a spice? Answer: Cucumber In computer terminology, what does the acronym "FTP" stand for? Answer: File Transfer Protocol The dance known as the "fandango" is of what origin? Answer: Spanish What exercise apparatus is used during a "Spinning" class? Answer: Stationary bicycle What term describes the passing of genetic traits from one generation to the next? Answer: Heredity What kind of animal is cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo? Answer: Penguin Which of these companies is not an online stock brokerage? Answer: EDigital How is the word "ambulance" normally written on the front of American ambulances? Answer: In reverse Which of these people was buried in the Valley of the Kings? Answer: King Tut What disease is sometimes referred to as the "royal disease?" Answer: Hemophilia In what city would you find people studying art and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology? Answer: New York What is the name of the POW camp where "Hogan's Heroes" are held? Answer: Stalag 13 What is the approximate speed of light? Answer: 186,000 miles per second The term "chili con carne" refers to chili with what? Answer: Meat Which of these dishes is made from pig intestines? Answer: Chitins Who is the twin sister of "Dear Abby" columnist Abigail Van Buren? Answer: Ann Landers What is the name of the female character played by comedian Flip Wilson on his 1970s show? Answer: Geraldine Jones What native empire controlled large areas of South African territory during the 19th century? Answer: Zulu Which of the following is not in Nevada? Answer: Pikes Peak What were the first names of the early American explorers Lewis and Clark? Answer: Meriwether and William Which of these stores is not owned by Gap, Inc.? Answer: J. Crew What kind of animal is a peregrine? Answer: Bird Which of these is an Italian design firm? Answer: Fendi Which of these is not a type of rock? Answer: Deciduous Which one of these world leaders was assassinated? Answer: Indira Gandhi Which one of these World War II leaders was not at the Yalta Conference? Answer: Mussolini Which of these items is useful for removing ink stains? Answer: Hair Spray Which city's residents are known as "Knickerbockers?" Answer: New York City On TV's "Seinfeld" what type of doctor did Mr. Costanza go to when he sat on "fusilli Jerry?" Answer: Proctologist The Apple iMac computer is available in all of the following colors except which? Answer: Kiwi How is the Arabic numeral for "2" written? Answer: 2 Who sang lead vocals for the band Big Brother and the Holding Company? Answer: Janis Joplin Which of these fashion designers was born in the United States? Answer: Donna Karan What former "Today" show personality played a neighbor on the TV sitcom "The Hogan Family?" Answer: Willard Scott John D. Rockefeller made his fortune in what industry? Answer: Oil Which of these is not a breed of cat? Answer: Bichon Frise What place is named the title of the 1979 live album by rock legends Cheap Trick? Answer: Budokan What sport is known as "The Sport of Kings?" Answer: Horse Racing Which of these is not one of the official languages of the United Nations? Answer: Japanese What is a balalaika? Answer: Musical Instrument What people ruled the Andes Mountains until they were conquered by the Spanish in 1532? Answer: Inca If you are truly afraid of the dark, what do you suffer from? Answer: Nyctophobia What corporation was founded by a candle maker and a soap maker? Answer: Procter & Gamble In the comic strip "Peanuts" what is Schroeder known for doing? Answer: Playing the piano What liqueur is used to make a Pink Lady cocktail pink? Answer: Grenadine

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