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Ultima Runes of Virtue

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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

Sent in by JOSLIN1000@AOL.COM These are all start up codes. Mariah Codes 995-FC8-80A Start with 99 IQ 995-F98-B3E Start with 99 Strength 995-F88-B3E Start with 99 Dexterity Iolo Codes 996-0E8-B3E Start with 99 IQ 996-0B8-A22 Start with 99 Strength 996-0A8-80A Start with 99 Dexterity Dupre 996-208-A22 Start with 99 IQ 996-1D8-80A Start with 99 Strength 996-1C8-A22 Start with 99 Dexterity

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