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TMNT 3 Radical Rescue

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Sent in by Larry Kritzman When you use a password, some times if you change the second to last number you will have more energy bars.
1000002 Before Scratch 2100002 After Scratch 4110102 After Card 1 1111102 Before Dirtbag 2311102 After Dirtbag 3311302 After Raphael 4331302 After Card 2 1311302 Before Triceraton 2711302 After Triceraton 3711702 After Donatello 4773702 After Card 3 1777702 Before Scale Tail 2H77702 After Scale Tail 3H77H02 After Splinter 4HH7H02 After Card 4 1HHHH02 Before Shredder

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