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Tecmo Bowl

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Good kick-off return
Instant interception

Good kick-off return

Sent in by Grant To get a good kick-off return, start running straight after you catch the ball. As soon as you see the first defender cut upward to the sideline and continue to run, let a couple defenders go by, and then cut back to the middle and then avoid being tackled by zig-zagging. This tip works very good if your playing on Miami. Click here

Instant interception

Sent in by Travis H. If you're fortunate enough to play as Chicago against Dallas, there's a defensive tip you'll love. Choose Run 1 as your defensive strategy. Then select player Todd Bell and apply tight coverage. If Dallas passes, you're almost guaranteed to intercept the ball.


Sent in by Travis H. 94BFFDAI Los Angeles vs. Miami
Sent in by Havoc 577fbfa2 or 577fdfa2 vs. Washington
Sent in by Jesse McCarty 4DE02881 Denver 91F21084 Seattle 90031093 Seattle A8150099 Chicago 6A554097 Chicago A977409A Chicago 2A774497 Chicago 06C00680 Miami 85E20687 Miami 04D2078F Miami 44F21783 Miami 877A179A Miami 46BA5795 Miami 84CB5797 Miami 474BD7A6 Miami 5C509092 San Francisco 9FD89099 San Francisco 5E18D0A4 San Francisco 1B18D1A1 San Francisco 9D3AD2A9 San Francisco 9C4BD2A8 San Francisco 1F4BDAAB San Francisco 1E4BDEAE San Francisco 1C4BDFAD San Francisco 9E9FDFA7 San Francisco
1DAFF7A6 San Francisco vs. Denver 24AFFDAD New York vs. Miami 937FBFA5 Seattle vs. Washington 397BFFA5 Invisible Team vs Chicago Play against the same team. 5B7FBFA3 Washington CFBFF7A0 Denver 43AFFEAC Indianapolis 46AFFDAB Miami 49AFFBA9 Cleavland 969FDFA5 Los Angelos 9C3F7FA5 San Francisco 63AEFFA5 Dallas 269DFFA1 New York 697BFFA5 Chicago AC37FFA9 Minnesota

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